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A collection of past projects which were great to work on and helped to transform or launch businesses. And of course I still have a soft spot for them.

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Sometimes 1+1=3, that is, you get more out than you would reasonably expect. This was true of our creative relationship with Marc French.
During the rebranding of Sofa Magic, he listened, questioned, considered, researched, listened some more, questioned some more, considered some more. 
Then, he delivered an exceptional design.
Marc managed to create a brand that avoids the cliches of sofa retailing. His design centres around the customer's interaction with the product. It expresses sophistication, individuality, personality and, we think, captures that elusive feeling of triumph comes from a successful purchase. We love it – and not just because it looks great. The redesigned brand and website has produced better sales than we'd anticipated.
To work with, Marc was unerringly professional, good humoured, and astute.
If you're looking for a creative agency to (1) grasp a concept, (2) translate it in an imaginative way which, (3) produces the business, we heartily recommend French Creative. 

Words: Liz Davidson Manager Sofa Magic