A life lesson from Siri?

Siri's got me thinking about what it is to be human.

When asked to contact a friend, Siri took me on a merry-go-round of misheard names and potential embarrassments. I gave up and said 'don't worry'. The reply floored me.

"I'm not allowed to worry."

Clearly not, Siri. You're not human, you're not capable of worry.

But instantly I was wondering what it would be to be without worry. How would I have to behave to be without worry? What if I wasn't allowed to worry? Is there a way one can be conscientious without worry? To do the right thing by default without thought of the consequences? To live without concern that one might have done something differently given a second chance?

So I'm going to give it a go. Here's to a worry free existence.

Advice from the worry-free always welcome...