Helping good businesses explain their 'why'

If your business has a complex offering, tough competition or more than one distinct audience it can be tricky to make a compelling case. Let's get your story straight and tell it through branding, positioning & design. It'll help you win business, attract like-minded people and investors by overcoming the Top Trumps Problem.


Henk de Villiers Ferreira

"It’s inspirational! What you’ve done has changed the way we do business..."

My work with Henk on the Kingsley Cafe included: Strap-line, Tone of Voice, Visual Identity, Signage, Website & Printed Material. Now we're working together on The Halfway House Inn and Margot's at Trevisker in Cornwall. Exciting times!


Jason Holt, MD Creasefield

"It was time for our brand to grow up..."

Jason was keen to build his brand rather than commission a new logo. Brand positioning was the perfect platform to get it right. Our work also included Strap-line, Visual Identity, Stationery, Information Packs, Signage, Exhibitions and Advertising.


What it's all about

Helping businesses connect with their audiences through...




This is big, in fact it's the whole shebang. From answering the phone to making a product or delivering a service, everything you do and say builds a picture in people's minds. That picture is your brand. Taking care of how that picture builds is branding.



It's a key part of branding. Positioning helps organisations understand and present their value in ways that resonate with their audiences. It's the basis of all communications and even shapes the way an organisation behaves.



Design is a process, a way of thinking and doing, a way of making things work better. Because design is often visual it's tangible. It's often what people ask for, a design for a brochure or a website. With clear positioning and brand building in mind, design is powerful too.

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Let's talk about your 'why'. Explaining why you do what you do helps you engage people. It gives you the opportunity to show expertise and enthusiasm. 

Help customers choose your product. Help clients choose your service. Help employees choose your organisation. Be the business brand that people bond with.

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