I’m Marc French, I help creative and technology businesses build bonds of trust with their audiences by communicating the value they deliver. Here are three recent examples...


one: I sharpen sales pitches. 45 minutes to 45 seconds is my record.

The team at tech start-up Vāsthu struggled to explain what they did. It was impossible to communicate. Meaning it was impossible to win support.

It’s taken one informal chat and four days of workshops to understand the problem, completely redefine their value, articulate it and then refine it. Now Vāsthu has a compelling vision, value-based pitch, concise elevator pitch and a communication structure for their new website. This exciting work is on-going.

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We’ve come a long way. It used to take hours to explain, now we just need 45 seconds. That’s a lot of improvement, all thanks to Mr French! Sometimes we wouldn’t even get to the stage of explaining how and what we do because audiences couldn’t follow us. For the first time we can talk about our vision in a way that gets people excited, it’s an eye-opener!

Chatrapati Ākula


two: I focus on the important things. Delivering value to society is bigger than selling software.

Yes QRoutes develops software. Software that optimises the routing of home-to-school transport and is particularly effective for passengers with special educational needs and disabilities. But its value lies in how it improves access to education, reduces stress for its users and passengers, better use of tax payers’ money and improved air quality.

QRoutes’ journey began with a need for conventional marketing materials. But it quickly became clear that the value delivered extends far beyond efficiency and improved transport. In short, anyone with lungs or who pays taxes can benefit alongside the people that use and provide the service. Work on brand positioning to reflect this is on-going.

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During a recent session with Marc, he helped us see we were undervaluing comments from customers about key benefits of our product and service. He kept pulling us back to perceive our full value. The process was uncomfortable at times – shifting thinking from established patterns sometimes is. But it's exciting too. Marc is pushing us to think in ways our competitors haven't, tell our own story to stand apart from them and build a thriving community of users and customers.

Liz Davidson
Marketing Officer


three: i Deliver messages that matter. even when it’s difficult.

Sometimes awkward conversations are a matter of life and death. So despite a challenging time-frame, when approached by Emma Mitchell to work on a campaign in support of World Psoriasis Day I couldn’t refuse.

Leo Pharma makes medicines for the treatment of life-altering diseases. Diseases such as Psoriasis which cause many people to live in isolation and suffer in private. Psoriatic disease doesn’t begin and end with the skin condition though. Hence the need for a message that would begin conversations, spread awareness and enable the support of related (and often) life-threatening conditions such as cancer, depression and diabetes. “I’m more than my skin” was the perfect platform for those vital conversations.

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I’ve worked with French Creative across branding and creative campaign projects and have found Marc to be an insightful and reliable collaborator who is a delight to work with. His output is genuinely impressive and has significantly contributed to the success of projects and client relationships.

Emma Mitchell
Director, Strategic Planning
Health Unlimited


I’m Marc French, brand advisor to creative & technology businesses and creative director to marketing professionals.

I help businesses build bonds of trust with their clients. I work closely with them to understand, define and articulate the value they deliver beyond the cost of their services.

Uniquely, I work verbally and visually to deliver exactly the difference my clients need. The services I offer include brand advice, consultancy, research and the creation of compelling communications.

I do it because it’s exciting, inspiring and valuable to my clients. So if you’d like help defining, rediscovering or articulating the value you deliver for customers, let’s talk. It’s much like panning for gold, only less wet. And I always find the gold.

French Creative
understand & deliver

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Making a positive difference depends on good understanding, so let’s start with an informal chat.

Where it goes depends on what you need: a workshop with your colleagues to define strategic intent; research with your customers to determine exactly why they buy; reinvigorating a sales presentation to articulate the real value of your approach...

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